California: The 17 miles Drive, Monterey

Its a treat to your senses to drive through the 17 exquisite miles from Monterey to Carmel through the Pebble Beach!!

The exquisitely beautiful color of the sea, the very unique rocky beaches which harbor the adorable wild lives (who by the way are not at all intimidated by the human), the funny sound of the barks of the sea lions,ย  the soothing view of the golf course, the scent of the pines, the curious shapes of the cypresses, – it all sums up to an extraordinarily refreshing experience.

Below are few photos from our visit to the Pebble Beach on 29th July. Hope you enjoy!


Hey there!
Out for hunting
The massive piece of rock in the distance is home to the sea lions and the sound of their relentless barking “whoomph woomph woomph woomph… ” is still ringing in our ears !


And this little one was meditating i believe!ย 
Hmm! Its a beautiful day!
Some drying their feathers, some flying high!
On the move
A walk down the beach!
The sea is boring!
Ok! I’ll pose.
None of your business! This is our territory.
Ok! I will pose.. But just one.
I got this quote somewhere. “Life is like riding a bicycle. You must stay balanced and you must keep moving.”
The path through the curious shapes of the cypresses takes you to the Pescadero Point
The ghost tree at Pescadero Point. It is so called for its sinister silhouette.
Oh! that’s us!

And if I may add, while visiting the Pebble Beach, it will be good to keep some quarters to pay for the beach binoculars which offer a better view of the wild life.

Happy Drive! i.e. if you decide to visit (which you must, if you already haven’t)! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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